The Story Behind Our Cycling Group

Since 2000, our mission has remained the same—to make sure everyone in the San Diego East County area will have someone to ride with. From the very beginning, we discovered that the outcome of riding is simply better when people ride together. We encourage each other to build strength and endurance, achieve new goals and above all, have fun.

We welcome all skill levels of riding from someone who has never been on a group ride to the very experienced cyclists.  Some members just like to go out and ride with their friends every Saturday.  Everyone will benefit, have fun, and maybe learn a thing or two about cycling and how to ride better. 

We have two main objectives and they are to increase participation in the sport of cycling at any level and to improve our local community.  If either of these objectives sound like something you would be interested in being involved with, come on out and ride with us!  We ride in the East County of San Diego, leaving from PetCo parking lot in Rancho San Diego. Our standard route is up to Alpine with approximately 31 miles in distance.  Otherwise we have alternate routes within San Diego County starting from various locations. See our calendar for scheduled alternate routes.


At Bike Buddies Cycling Club, we bring together amazing individuals who seek new experiences and a group atmosphere to help them maximize their true fitness potential. Are you ready to join the group?